Process capacity

Process capacity

Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, impedance, blind hole circuit boards and customized rapid prototypes with various specific requirements (can provide 24-hour expedited proofing, solve the production and development of difficult products, and provide technical support). Its products are widely used in communications High-tech fields such as telecommunications, power, energy, science and education institutions, automobiles, and optoelectronics are the best suppliers for electronics and related companies.


project routine senior
Linewidth/ line to line +/-20% +/-10%
Via aperture +/-0.003inch(0.075mm) +/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
Non conducting aperture +/-0.002inch(0.050mm) +/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
Hole position +/-0.003inch(0.075mm) +/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
Hole to edge +/-0.005inch(0.1 25mm) +/-0.004inch(0.100mm)
Peripheral dimensions +/-0.006inch(0.1 50mm) +/-0.004inch(0.1mm)
Interlayer alignment +/-0.005inch(0.125mm) +/-0.005inch(0.125mm)
Impedance control +/-10% +/-7%
Plate music Max.1.0% Max.0.5%


capacity routine senior
Inner copper thickness 10z ( 35um ) 3Oz(105um)
Outer copper thickness 1/3-20z(12-75um) 3Oz(105um)
Minimum bore hole 12mil(0.30mm) 8mil(0.20mm)
Minimum line width / line to line 4mil(0.10mm) 3mil(0.075mm)
Maximum production panel 21.5" X 24.5"(546mm X 622mm)  


Surface treatment and coating
L ead tin sprayed :40 to 1000 u in(1-25um)
Lead free tin spraying :40 to 1000 u in(1-25um)
Antioxidant :10 to 16 u in(0.25-0.4um)
Gold conversion :1 to 5 u in(0.025-0.125um); Ni100 -250 u in(2.50-6.25um)
Tin precipitation :32 to 48 u in(0.8- 1.2um)
PCB(Double Panel / multi-layer Panel )
NO. Process Item Process capability
1 Layer Pressing plate 1-12 floors
2 Material Material Type FR4
3 Board thickness Finished board thickness 0.2-4.0mm
4 Cutting The Max panel size 540 x 620mm
5 Inner layer Min.trace width /distance 0.1 mm/0.1 mm
Min.thickness of copper foil 1/30Z-20Z
Inner alignment ±0.05mm
Registration deviation 0.025mm
Innerhole edge&margin line 0.33mm
Inner layer copper-plate edge 0.5mm
6 Drilling Drill tip 0.2mm-6.0mm
The smallest aperture 0.15mm
diameter tolerancePTH ±0.05mm
diameter tolerance NPTH ±0.025mm
Aspect ratio 10:1
7 Outer Layer Min.trace width/gap 0.76mm/0.76mm
Bas copper thicknesse 1/3oZ- 4oZ
Registration tolerance ±0.05mm
Impedance control tolerance ±10%
Line to line edge distance 0.4mm
The Min distance from PTH cring to edge of line 0.15mm/0.15mm
Line to line 0.1mm
Line to PAD 0.1mm
PAD to PAD PAD 0.1mm
The distance from pantternedge to PCB outline Routing 0.2mm
Punching 0.3mm


PCB(Double Panel / multi-layer Panel)
NO. Process Item Process capabillity
8 Solder resist Min. soldmask thickness(without special Req.) 0.01mm
The distance from pattern edge to soldmask opening 0.01mm
Min.solder resistant bridge(green 0i |) 0.01mm
Min.solder resistant opening 0.08mm
Registration tolerance ±0.05mm
Via hole plug capability ≤0.6mm
9 Silkscreen Min.silkscreen width 0.13mm
Min.silkscreen height 0.8mm
10 Surface finished OSP Thickness 0.2-0.5um
Immersion SN Thinckness 0.8-1.0um
Immersion Silver Thinckness 0.8-1.0um
PB free HAL Thinckness ≥1.0um
Enig( without special Req.) Authickness 0.025-0.1um
Nithickness 5um
11 Profilling Min. slothole 0.8mm
Min. routing cut size 0.8mm
Max routing cut size 1.6mm
Contour tolerance Routing 0.15mm
Punching 0.10mm
V-CUT angle tolerance V-CUT ±5°
V-CUT core thickness V-CUT ±0.5mm
Min V-CUT Size 70×70mm
Min connector size after punching profile 1.0mm
Min Punching slot 1×2mm
Distance from Punching hole to Punching Slot 0.6mm(Laminate thickness≤1.2mm )
12 Finished Board Thickness tolerance ±5°
Wrapping tolerance ≤5°